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Hive Preschool Curriculum

Fully functional and proved preschool curriculum developed by expert educators

Curriculum Development

We deliver customized curriculum and support to meet your school needs

Professional Learning

Advanced teachers training and vocational enrichment programs for passionate professionals

Hive Parenting

A platform for next generation parents to stay updated on parenting techinques, events, places and connect with parent experts

Welcome To Edsmart

Edsmart is a rapidly growing institute which strongly focuses on the very necessary early childhood education and professional development of a child, parent as well as organizations with a positive and strong influence on the basics of schooling and learning insights.

Edsmart offers a unique opportunity for all the enthusiasts to establish excellence in the field of education and early care.

Edsmart's "Hive curriculum" specially focuses to provide global best practices in the field of early childhood education. We believe in a distinguished vision for building a global institute to deliver high quality early childhood education and Edsmart company partner has carefully takes each step to design and develop the curriculum to meet this vision.

Our Professional development programmes are also cautiously crafted to meet different training needs for the tutors to become successful educators. We believe learning is an ongoing process and up scaling knowledge in the field of early education is every educator’s first duty.


Why Edsmart?

Why are we doing this?

Firstly, we would like to let you all know that we love children. And then, we do not believe in the concept of One size fits all” when it comes early childhood education, as


Children First

We place the interests of children first in everything we do, for the world of Edsmart revolves around these little ones. After all, if they are happy, we are happier!!

Culture of Excellence

Excellence is what every parent looks for in his or her child. We hence strive to achieve excellence in everything we do here at Edsmart. Be it learning, playing, skill and knowledge development or even tutoring,


Big Vision, Focused Mission

Our Vision is to make accessible, high quality early childhood educational programs to every school, parent and institutions. We believe in changing each child at a time.

We Practice before we Preach

Perhaps teaching is the most challenging job in the world. Hence, our curriculum has been repeatedly practiced upon, with an outcome of proven good results. And so, the prospectus we develop is meant to meet your requirement of delivering the latest global pedagogical practices.

End to End Educators

School teachers, parents, tutors, facilitators or other involved adults in educating young children are the key to complete the puzzle of education. Our curriculum provides the best educational content and resources to make them successfully resolve the same and influence the young minds in their interaction with learning and life.

Lean on and be Supportive

We understand that there is more than one method of teaching a concept. So we are always available to receive and work on your feedback and will continue to support your ideas and executing it in our curriculum.