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What is a Preschool Curriculum?

Importance of curriculum

Early childhood education focusses on holistic development of a child. To provide holistic development a school must have a well-crafted curriculum in practice. A well-planned preschool curriculum is the essential requirement for the success of a preschool.

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Key focus area of highly effective curriculum

Age Appropriate Curriculum

Curriculum planning essentially done by keeping in mind the age of the child. Curriculum is always designed with activities with smaller duration of time as their attention span and retention time is for short duration also to ensure children don’t get bored with activities with longer time span.

Self-exploratory Curriculum

Curriculum should give an opportunity for children to inquire and explore. Teacher play a very significant role in influencing child’s personality. As much the role of a teacher is important, it is equally important for a child to develop self-exploratory attitude. Curriculum plays a vital role in developing a child who is confident, independent and self-motivated

Academic Focus

A given preschool curriculum should lay a strong foundation for academic skills. Academic topics focus on early literacy, reading skills, writing skills, mathematical concepts, every day science, general knowledge, theme learning like colours, shapes, animals, travel modes etc. Children will also acquire language skills through rhymes and story sessions.

Non Academic Focus

Preschool curriculum is so much more than learning A,B,C and 1,2,3. Extracurricular activities are essential as they give good exposure to holistic development. Activities such as music and dance, art and craft, Recitals and theatre, games and sports, water play and free play, outdoor and indoor activities, role play and pretend play, life skill and soft skill development events and celebrations are the key ingredients of effective curriculum.

Well Researched and Scientific Curriculum

Curriculum is the backbone for any school success. It becomes very important for any school to have curriculum which are developed by early childhood education experts by implementing best practices in the industry, investing lot of time on well researched content with scientific basis as in with knowledge of child psychology, social, emotional, behavioural skills. Hence it is important to practice curriculum which meets the above needs.

A well planned preschool curriculum is very much important for the success of the preschool and an overall development of the children enrolled in the school.

Where do we find the curriculum which fits all the major points discussed?

Edsmart offers a range of curriculum which fits the philosophy of your schools keeping vision and mission in mind.