Edsmart's Holistic Development Planner

Edsmart’s pedagogy nurtures the child’s natural ability and also provides a stimulating environment which promotes the development areas like Cognitive, Language, Sensorial, Social, Emotional, Physical and Aesthetic.
It also does focus on the experiential learning through which the child learns valuable lessons. The little ones are positively inspired through activities that instil learning in little ones.

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Holistic Development Planner (HDP) Curriculum

Our curriculum majorly focusses on teaching practices that are domain-specific and effective in supporting positive child outcomes.
They develop an urge among children to innovate during their learning process and making them able to derive a conclusion out of the same.
There is a need for a methodology that aims at bringing a tangible result in the planning and assessment of a project.

HDP Curriculum Inludes:

International Curriculum

International Curriculum

HDP curriculum is aligned with 42 global Key Developmental Areas

Preschool Lesson Plans

Detailed Lesson Plans and Academic Planners

HDP Curriculum inlcudes detailed lesson planners and academic planner

Teacher Training

Teacher Training and Academic Support

Teachers training is included to ensure the effective implementation of the curriculum and ongoing academic support

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Key Highlights
Key Highlights
Key Highlights
Key Highlights

Key Advantages:

  • Non-Franchise and No Royalty Model
  • Fully aligned with Edsmart Preschool books
  • Age-appropriate and Child Centric Curriculum
  • Globally aligned 42 Key Development Area
  • Aligned to National and International Framework
  • Research based and scientifically designed
  • Includes Child Assessment and Observation
  • Focus on academic and non-academic activities
  • Promotes life skill development and value-based learning
  • Ensures Holistic development in children
  • Teacher Training

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