Edsmart Holistic Development Curriculum

Edsmart HDC preschool curriculum is unique and child-centric. It has a CFF (Child First Focus) approach with a personalised learning objective in order to retrofit each child’s area of development. Furthermore, the assessments are milestone driven to keep a track of child’s progress throughout the academic year. HDC Curriculum integrates the technology which is age-appropriate and meets the requirement of new generation children.

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Holistic Development Curriculum (HDC) Preschool Curriculum

Daily routines are set to enable both the preschool teacher and the child to have a structured routine activity.
HDC preschool curriculum enables teachers and children to build a strong positive relationship. It promotes learning environments that are stimulating to meet the inquisitive minds.
The detailed lesson plans are effortless to implement as the manual comes with details like materials required, clear and marked objective, elaborate description of activity, mapped developmental outcome and tagged KDA for each activity.
The HDC curriculum is fully integrated with Kids learning apps and web tools to engage school parents with the child's learning process.

Curriculum: Available for Playgroup/ Pre- Nursery, Nursery, LKG and UKG children age groups.

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Edsmart HDCPre Nursery Curriculum 2-3 Years
Edsmart HDC Nursery Curriculum 3-4 Years
Edsmart HDC LKG Curriculum 4-5 Years
Edsmart HDC UKG Curriculum 5-6 Years

Key Highlights

  • Non-Franchise and No Royalty Model
  • Low Operational Cost
  • Believes in WIN- WIN Business Model
  • Fully aligned with Edsmart Preschool Premium books
  • Age-appropriateness and Self exploratory
  • ESM tool to manage the curriculum
  • National and International Framework Curriculum
  • Individualized learning outcome
  • Age-appropriate and Child Centric Curriculum
  • Globally aligned 42 International Key Development Area
  • Fully integrated with state-of-art apps and tools
  • ESM tool captures the formative and summative assessment
  • Enriched with digital content for both teachers and students
  • Reports based on the individual developmental outcome like cognitive, sensorial, emotional etc.
  • Individual goals can be set based on the developmental reports. Easy to share the child’s progress with parents and can engage parents as partners.
  • Teacher Training and academic support

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